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When Will Campione Season 2 Be Released? (Updated in 2024)

Fans of “Campione!” are still hankering after more in 2024! This action-packed anime, which debuted in 2012, quickly amassed a devoted following thanks to its exhilarating blend of fantasy, action, and a sprinkle of fanservice. The story follows Godou Kusanagi, a slayer of rogue deities known as Heretic Gods. With each god he vanquishes, Godou inherits their power, making him even more unstoppable. But being a god slayer isn’t all smooth sailing. It also attracts the attention of beautiful women and throws Godou into epic clashes that threaten the world. The light novel series that inspired the anime, written by Jou Taketsuki and illustrated by Sikorski, concluded in 2017 with a whopping 21 volumes. While the anime only adapted the first five volumes, there’s a treasure trove of material left to explore for a potential season two.

Campione Season 2

Fans have been yearning for a “Campione!” sequel ever since the first season concluded in 2012. And with good reason – the show was a thrill ride! So, is there any hope for a new season?

Delving into the World of “Campione!”

This anime isn’t based on your average story. It draws from a popular fantasy light novel series (also named “Campione!”), crafted by Jou Taketsuki and brought to life by the illustrations of Sikorski. The series has captivated readers with its action-packed, slightly risqué take on godslaying. Godou Kusanagi, now a god slayer himself, finds himself surrounded by both devoted followers (especially the ladies) and perilous battles with Heretic Gods. The light novels delve deeper into Godou’s past and motivations, while also exploring the rich lore of the world and the other Campione – individuals who share his unique abilities.

 Campione Season 2

Season 1: A Look Back

The first, and so far only, “Campione!” anime season was directed by Keizou Kusakawa and brought to life by animation studio Diomedea. Whether they would return for a potential second season remains a mystery. The initial 13 episodes aired in Japan back in 2012.

Will Season 2 Ever Arrive?

Unfortunately, there’s been no official word on a “Campione!” Season 2. While the light novels provide more than enough plot for another season, the anime’s financial performance wasn’t ideal. Sales for the first season fell short, meaning the potential profit wouldn’t justify the cost of producing more episodes.

To make matters trickier, the first season’s reception was lukewarm, with an average rating on sites like MyAnimeList. Despite a dedicated fanbase clamoring for more since 2012, the light novels concluded in 2017 with no indication of a new anime project on the horizon.

The Bottom Line

The truth is simple – money talks. Low sales and a long hiatus make the chances of a “Campione!” revival seem slim. While not entirely impossible, it’s not looking promising.

 Campione Season 2

Craving More “Campione!”?

If you finished season one and are itching for more of Godou’s adventures, you can dive into the light novels!  Volume 6 picks up right where the anime left off.

Important Note: I’ll keep an eye out for any official “Campione!” news from sources like Crunchyroll. If something changes, I’ll update this article!

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