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Will There Be a ’91 Days’ Season 2? (2024 Update)

With its brutal narrative of retribution, the 2016 crime drama anime ’91 Days’ made a lasting impression.  Fans, motivated by a burning need for justice, continue to hope for a second season, ready to discover what happens to Angelo Lagusa and the world he lives in.

’91 Days’ tells the story of Angelo Lagusa, a young man consumed by a thirst for vengeance.  He infiltrates the ruthless Vanetti mafia family under the assumed name Avilio Bruno.  His mission: to dismantle the organization responsible for the brutal slaughter of his entire family.

91 Days Season 2

While fans eagerly await more, here’s the latest on a potential second season in 2024.

Is ’91 Days’ Season 2 Happening?

Unfortunately, a second season of ’91 Days’ remains officially unannounced. Several factors suggest it’s unlikely:

Limited Financial Success: The first season’s Blu-ray sales were disappointing, a critical metric for anime renewals. Anime studios rely heavily on disc sales, especially for original series like ’91 Days’ that lack the built-in fanbase of a manga or light novel adaptation. Without strong sales figures, studios are less likely to greenlight a sequel.

Completed Storyline: The first season meticulously resolved Angelo’s quest for vengeance, tying up all loose ends. There’s little narrative justification for a direct sequel that wouldn’t feel forced or redundant. While some stories benefit from revisiting characters years later, ’91 Days’ was crafted as a complete narrative arc.

Time Lapse: It’s been seven years since the first season. Anime sequels typically get announced much sooner, capitalizing on the existing fanbase’s enthusiasm. The extended wait makes a second season even less likely.

91 Days Season 2

The Verdict

While we’d all love to see ’91 Days’ return, the odds seem slim. The lack of commercial success, the complete storyline, and the long wait make a second season improbable.

Keeping the Spirit Alive

Even without a sequel, the legacy of ’91 Days’ lives on. If you crave similar themes of revenge, gang violence, and the struggle for justice in a lawless world, here are some anime recommendations:

Gangsta: Dive into the gritty underworld of Ergastulum, a crime-ridden city, and follow the story of mercenaries navigating its brutal landscape.

91 Days Season 2

Baccano!: Buckle up for a whirlwind adventure featuring a colorful cast of immortals and gangsters whose fates intertwine in Prohibition-era America.

Black Lagoon: Experience the high-octane thrills of modern-day piracy with this action-packed series following the mercenary crew of the Black Lagoon.

Looking for something with a similar emotional core of loss and the lingering effects of trauma? Try these titles:

Vinland Saga: Witness the epic tale of vengeance and redemption set in Viking Age Europe.

Monster: Embark on a suspenseful psychological thriller as a doctor with a unique moral code hunts down a former patient who has become a prolific serial killer.

Violet Evergarden: Witness the emotional journey of a young war veteran turned AutoMemories Doll, a person who transcribes people’s thoughts and feelings into letters, as she grapples with the trauma of war and learns the meaning of love and loss.

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