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Will There Be Land of the Lustrous Season 2? (Updated in 2024)

Fans have long wondered if Land of the Lustrous will get a second season. While there’s no official confirmation yet, let’s explore the possibilities!

What We Know So Far

Land of the Lustrous, or Hōseki no Kuni, captivated audiences with its unique blend of action, drama, fantasy, and mystery. It’s based on the popular manga by Haruko Ichikawa. The story follows Phosphophyllite, the youngest and most fragile gem, who desperately wants to help fight the Lunarians, monstrous beings who seek to harvest the Gems for their beauty. However, Phos’s delicate nature leads to an unexpected assignment: compiling an encyclopedia of the Gems’ world.

Right now, there’s only one season of the anime, leaving fans craving more. Since its 2017 premiere, a devoted fanbase has formed, hoping for a continuation of this captivating story.

Land of the Lustrous Season 2


Factors Affecting a Second Season

Two key elements determine the likelihood of a new season:

Source Material: The anime is based on a manga, and there are currently 12 volumes available. Thankfully, there’s enough content for potentially two more seasons. If you can’t wait for a potential Season 2, you can always dive into the manga from Volume 5 onwards! The manga delves deeper into the lore and character development, offering a rich experience for fans of the anime.

Profitability: Land of the Lustrous did well in its first season, with strong Blu-ray sales and decent manga popularity. It’s also got a good amount of merchandise, including figurines, apparel, and even a Phos Diamond Dog pillow (yes, you read that right!). This success suggests the potential for a new season.

The Waiting Game

The main hurdle seems to be timing. Studio Orange has been busy with the wildly successful Beastars, putting Land of the Lustrous on the back burner for now. While not impossible, a second season might not be the most profitable venture for the studio. The hype has understandably cooled off after seven years. I’d estimate a 20% chance of Season 2 happening, but there’s still a glimmer of hope.

Land of the Lustrous Season 2

The Future

2024 could be a decisive year for the series. We might get updates on Season 2, or Studio Orange could announce an entirely different project. It’s possible Netflix might even pick it up! In the meantime, show your support for this stunning and unique series by checking out the manga or exploring the cool merchandise.

Land Of The Lustrous Season 2 Trailer

Unfortunately, there’s no second season trailer yet. We’ll keep an eye on the official Twitter account and let you know if that changes!

Land of the Lustrous Characters, Cast & Anime Staff

I. Characters & Cast

Character Voice Actor
Phosphophyllite Tomoyo Kurosawa
Alexandrite Rie Kugimiya
Antarcticite Mariya Ise
Cinnabar Mikako Komatsu
Kongou-sensei Jouji Nakata
Diamond Ai Kayano

II. Anime Staff

Anime Staff Position Staff
Director Takahiko Kyougoku
Series Composition, Script Toshiya Oono
Character Design Asako Nishida
Studio Orange


Final Thoughts

There’s still a chance for Land of the Lustrous Season 2! We should know more in 2024, but realistically, it might not release until 2025 or 2026.

Land of the Lustrous Season 2

Breaking Down the Wait

The seven-year gap since the first season’s release is a major factor affecting the possibility of Season 2. While the Blu-ray sales were strong for 2017, the overall anime landscape has shifted dramatically. New shows constantly vie for viewers’ attention, making it an uphill battle for older series to recapture momentum. However, Land of the Lustrous still has a passionate fanbase who continue to discuss and share their love for the story online. This dedicated community could play a significant role in influencing a potential renewal.

A Glimmer of Hope

There are still reasons to be optimistic. The ongoing manga series means there’s plenty of source material for future seasons. Additionally, the show’s critical acclaim and unique visual style continue to attract new fans. With a bit of luck, positive reception and continued fan support could convince Studio Orange or another studio to revisit this captivating world.

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