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Will We Ever Get ‘God Eater’ Season 2? (2024 Update)

The first season of ‘God Eater’ stormed onto screens in 2015, igniting a passionate fanbase eager for more. Could a second season be on the horizon?

Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of everything we know about a potential new season of ‘God Eater’ and what its release might look like.

The ‘God Eater’ Legacy

The ‘God Eater’ anime draws its inspiration from the critically acclaimed action RPG video game of the same name, launched in 2010. Shift develops the series, while Bandai Namco Entertainment publishes it.

'God Eater' Season 2

‘God Eater’ throws us into a heart-pounding sci-fi world on the brink of annihilation. Humanity faces a relentless onslaught from the Aragami, monstrous creatures with an insatiable appetite for destruction. Our only line of defense? The God Eaters – elite warriors armed with God Arcs, specialized weapons crafted from the very cells of the Aragami themselves.

The Story So Far

Takayuki Hirao directed the first, and currently only, season of the ‘God Eater’ anime, with animation by the famed studio Ufotable. The scriptwriting was a collaborative effort by Takayuki Hirao and Kei Tsunematsu.

We don’t yet know if this team will reunite for a potential new season.

The 13-episode debut season aired in Japan between July 2015 and March 2016.  So, will we ever see ‘God Eater’ Season 2, Episode 1?

'God Eater' Season 2

Is ‘God Eater’ Season 2 a Possibility?

Sadly, ‘God Eater’ Season 2 hasn’t yet received official confirmation. The chances of further episodes seem slim for a few reasons. Firstly, the source material from the games is limited. Season 1 covered ‘God Eater’ and ‘God Eater Burst’, leaving only ‘God Eater 2’ and ‘God Eater 3’ as potential plotlines for a second season – not quite enough on its own to sustain a full season.

Additionally, the first season’s reception was lukewarm, with an average 6.8 out of 10 on MyAnimeList. Sales of ‘God Eater’ Blu-rays reached 5,000 units, but many fans were discouraged by the production delays that plagued the initial run.

Despite the ‘God Eater’ games continuing, with ‘God Eater 3’ released in 2018, there hasn’t been a new game since. The Ufotable anime didn’t achieve the sales boost the franchise likely hoped for. While not impossible, a new season faces significant obstacles due to profitability and a lack of fresh games to promote.

'God Eater' Season 2

How to Experience More ‘God Eater’

Want to delve deeper into the ‘God Eater’ story after Season 1? ‘God Eater 2’ and ‘God Eater 3’ are waiting for you to explore!

Season 1 adapted ‘God Eater’ and ‘God Eater Burst’, making the next games the logical continuation if a Season 2 were to exist. ‘God Eater 2: Rage Burst’ picks up right where the first game left off, with new threats emerging and the God Eaters forced to hone their skills even further. ‘God Eater 3’ takes a leap forward in time, introducing a new generation of God Eaters and a mysterious new form of Aragami.

Staying Updated

I’ll keep this article refreshed with the latest news. Keep an eye on the official ‘God Eater’ Twitter account or Crunchyroll for any announcements about a new anime project.

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