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Tokyo Revengers Season 3 Ending Explained: Did Takemichi Save the Future?

Fans were left reeling by the abrupt ending of Tokyo Revengers season 3.  The Tenjiku Arc is finished, but right in the middle of Takemichi’s tense conversation with Kakucho about Kisaki, the episode cuts off, leaving the future’s fate a complete mystery.

The Burning Question

Viewers are desperate for answers – did Takemichi’s time-traveling crusade bear fruit? We know from past journeys that whenever he changed the past, he’d leap back to the future to see the results firsthand. But that didn’t happen here, leaving everyone hanging on a cliffhanger.

Tokyo Revengers Season 3

Tokyo Revengers Season 3 Finale: Did Takemichi Save Hinata?

The answer is a resounding YES! Takemichi stops Kisaki, and Hinata Tachibana lives!  The ending might’ve seemed rushed, but the anime stayed true to the manga, wrapping up right at the end of the Tenjiku Arc.

The confirmation comes a bit later after the Bonten Arc gets underway.  Takemichi leaps forward in time to chapter 192 of the manga and finds himself at Pah-chin’s wedding, celebrating with a very much alive Hinata. This joyous scene serves as concrete proof that Takemichi’s mission in the Tenjiku Arc was a success – he saved Hinata.

Tokyo Revengers Season 3

Why Did Takemichi Tremble After Kisaki’s Death?

This part gets confusing.  You’d think Takemichi would be overjoyed to see Kisaki finally gone.  His entire mission in the Tenjiku Arc revolved around stopping Kisaki’s constant threats and manipulations. But instead of relief, the season 3 finale shows Takemichi visibly shaking, grappling with a complex mix of emotions.

The Bonten Arc delves deeper into this.  Despite his intense dislike for Kisaki, Takemichi learns he is just another guy, with no special time-leaping powers or inherent superhuman abilities. He becomes grudgingly impressed by how far Kisaki managed to climb the criminal ladder with sheer cunning, ambition, and a ruthless streak.

Even though Kisaki was physically weak, he clawed his way to the top of the criminal world through sheer force of will and manipulation. Takemichi, on the other hand, had the power of time travel and the unwavering support of his friends, yet achieving his goals often felt like an uphill battle. Seeing Kisaki’s unexpected and gruesome demise triggered a wave of unexpected emotions in Takemichi – a mix of relief, grudging respect, and a hint of sadness at the fleeting nature of human life, even for someone he considered an enemy.

Tokyo Revengers Season 3

Plus, there’s the human element to consider. They knew each other, even if their relationship was far from amicable.  Witnessing Kisaki meet such a gruesome, unexpected end hit Takemichi hard on a personal level, adding another layer of complexity to his emotional response.

One Problem Solved, Another Arises

While saving Hinata was a huge win for Takemichi, it’s only a reprieve.  His friends tell him Mikey supposedly went overseas and found work in a normal restaurant. It turns out this is a lie, a carefully constructed facade.  Mikey spiraled into darkness, becoming the leader of the Bonten, Japan’s most powerful and brutal crime organization.

This revelation throws a wrench into everything.  Takemichi can’t rest on his laurels, not when this new danger has emerged. He’s determined to stop Mikey’s fall from grace and travels back in time once more. His goal: is to delve into Mikey’s past and find the root of his corruption, setting the stage for the heart-wrenching Bonten Arc.

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