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Will There Be a Shield Hero Season 4? (Updated in 2024)

Fans are looking forward to the fourth season of “Shield Hero”. While no official announcement has been made, let’s look into the strong likelihood of a new season and when it might premiere.

Understanding “Shield Hero”

“The Rising of the Shield Hero,” based on Aneko Yusagi’s successful light novel series, is a beloved dark fantasy isekai anime. The story centers on Naofumi Iwatani, the falsely accused Shield Hero, and his companions Raphtalia and Filo. Together, they embark on a perilous journey to defend their world from the menacing Waves of Calamity.

Shield Hero Season 4

Kinema Citrus studio has brought “Shield Hero” to life across three thrilling seasons, each entrusted to a different talented director. However, the studio and directors’ involvement in a potential season four remains unconfirmed.

The anime’s debut season premiered in January 2019, followed by seasons two and three in April 2022 and October 2023, respectively. So, when can we expect season four?

When Will “Shield Hero” Season 4 Premiere?

Currently, there’s no official release date for “Shield Hero” season four. Kinema Citrus hasn’t confirmed if they’re actively working on it.

Typically, anime renewals take two to three years to materialize. Based on this timeframe, we might receive news about season four sometime in 2025. Fortunately, with ample source material from the light novels, the studio doesn’t face any constraints in that regard.

Shield Hero Season 4

While Blu-ray sales haven’t been exceptional, other factors paint a more optimistic picture for season four. Strong merchandise sales, the light novel’s flourishing popularity in the West, and Crunchyroll’s financial backing all contribute to the likelihood of a new season.

Reasons for Optimism for Season Four

While there’s no official confirmation yet, several factors suggest that season four of “Shield Hero” is a distinct possibility. Firstly, the anime adaptation has consistently garnered positive reviews from fans and critics alike, praising its captivating story, well-developed characters, and unique premise. This strong reception indicates continued audience interest, a crucial factor for studios considering renewals.

Shield Hero Season 4

Secondly, the source material, Aneko Yusagi’s light novel series, extends far beyond the content covered in the anime’s three seasons. This provides ample material for the studio to adapt to a potential season four, eliminating any concerns about running out of source content.

Furthermore, commercially, “Shield Hero” has proven to be a success beyond just anime viewership. The series boasts strong merchandise sales, indicating continued fan engagement and potential revenue streams for a new season. Additionally, the light novel series continues to enjoy significant popularity in Western markets, further bolstering the case for a season four.

Finally, Crunchyroll, the streaming platform that has been the primary source for international audiences to watch “Shield Hero,” has a vested interest in the series’ continued success. The platform has financially supported the anime in the past, and its continued involvement could significantly influence the decision to produce a season four.

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