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Will There Be March Comes In Like A Lion Season 3? (Updated In 2024)

The wait for ‘March Comes in Like a Lion’ Season 3 has been a long one. Since the first two seasons captivated audiences back in 2017 and 2018, fans have held their breath for news of a continuation. This heartfelt coming-of-age story has built a devoted following, and the anticipation for more episodes is undeniable.

‘March Comes in Like a Lion’, also known as ‘3-gatsu no Lion’, brings to life the manga series by Chica Umino.  It tells the story of Rei Kiriyama, a young professional shogi player grappling with loneliness and finding support in unexpected places. After leaving his foster family, Rei begins living alone in Shinkawa, befriending the warmhearted Kawamoto sisters.

March Comes In Like A Lion Season 3

But will fans get more of this beloved anime? Here’s everything we know about a potential third season in 2023.

Is March Comes in Like a Lion Season 3 Confirmed?

Although a third season hasn’t been officially announced, the signs point towards “yes”!  The anime’s financial performance has been encouraging, especially with strong manga sales. This commercial success suggests there’s both demand and the means to bring more episodes to life.

The ‘March Comes in Like a Lion’ anime has proven to be more than just a passion project. Season 2’s Blu-ray sales were respectable, exceeding 1,600 copies sold per volume. Recent manga volumes have consistently performed exceptionally well, with volume 17 selling over 450,000 copies.  Plus, the series’ popularity has led to a wide range of merchandise, further signaling its ongoing profitability.

March Comes In Like A Lion Season 3

As for a release date, optimism remains high.  Fans trust that once Studio Shaft wraps up their current projects like ‘Madoka Magica Movie 4’, they’ll return to this beloved series.

Can’t Wait? Immerse Yourself in the Manga!

The anime’s first two seasons covered volumes 1-9 of the manga.  If you simply can’t wait for more of Rei’s story, pick up volume 10 to dive back in.

March Comes In Like A Lion Season 3

While the manga is ongoing, fans can take heart: the end is in sight. Chica Umino has confirmed the series is nearing its conclusion. She’s committed to crafting a satisfying ending and asks for readers’ continued support throughout this final stage.

Final Thoughts

A third season of ‘March Comes in Like a Lion’ isn’t set in stone, but the outlook is undeniably positive.  As fans, the best thing we can do is continue supporting the franchise through manga purchases or streaming the existing seasons. Here’s hoping that official confirmation is just around the corner!

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