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Will There Be a ‘Hundred’ Season 2? (Updated 2024)

Fans of the anime series “Hundred” have been eagerly expecting the announcement of a second season. Unfortunately, Season 2 has not been confirmed, and there is no set release date.

Hundred' Season 2

What We Know About a Potential Sequel

Several factors make a “Hundred” sequel less likely:

  • A Single Season: The anime adaptation of Jun Misaki’s popular light novel series, “Hundred,” consisted of only one season. It aired in 2016, directed by Tomoki Kobayashi and animated by Production IMS. While the series has a dedicated fanbase, the studio’s closure in 2018 presents a significant challenge to reviving the anime.
  • Financial Hurdles: Unfortunately, the “Hundred” anime adaptation didn’t achieve the financial success that often drives studios to greenlight a second season. This lack of profitability raises questions about securing resources or finding a new animation team to take on the project. Studios typically rely on strong sales of Blu-rays, merchandise, and other revenue streams to justify the production costs of additional seasons. In “Hundred’s” case, the average number of Blu-ray sales fell short of expectations, and the series only saw the release of a single figure. Even the light novel sales, which sometimes pick up after an anime adaptation, didn’t experience a significant boost, further dampening the prospects for a sequel.
  • Exhausted Source Material: The original “Hundred” light novel series concluded in 2018, leaving no new stories to adapt for a potential sequel. This absence of fresh source material is a major obstacle for any possible continuation of the anime. Studios often prefer to have a clear path forward in terms of the narrative before committing to a new season.

Hundred' Season 2

The Bottom Line

While the chances of a “Hundred” Season 2 seem slim, there’s always a possibility for surprise developments in the world of anime. However, considering the financial realities, the studio’s closure, and the lack of new source material, the odds don’t favor the project right now. Fans who haven’t already might consider exploring the “Hundred” light novels, which continue the story beyond the anime.

Hope for Fans

If you’re still holding out for more of the “Hundred” world, the light novels offer plenty of unexplored stories starting from volume 5. They delve deeper into the characters and the world established in the anime, providing a satisfying continuation for fans of the series.

Important Note: We’ll keep an eye out for any updates related to “Hundred.” While less likely, there’s always a chance!

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